Why You Should Use Acrylic Sheets Instead of Glass Panels for Greenhouse Construction

The possibility of growing fresh fruits and vegetables for residential consumption (and even for sale) is increasingly becoming a reality for homeowners who choose to invest in residential greenhouses.

In order for this possibility to materialize into reality, prospective greenhouse owners must ensure that greenhouse crops grow under optimum conditions. Ideally, the building materials chosen for greenhouse construction should encourage the prevalence of the optimum conditions mentioned above within the greenhouse area.

With this in mind, here are a few reasons why acrylic sheets are better than glass panels for greenhouse construction.

The "Light" Advantage

Acrylic is a lighter material than glass. As such, acrylic sheets will be easier (and often cheaper) to transport to the site of greenhouse construction. Another advantage of the lightweight nature of acrylic sheets is that it makes their installation less expensive than that of glass panels. Being that glass is heavier, the foundation for the greenhouse will have to be dug deeper if it's to support the heavier weight of glass panels. Similarly, the frames used on greenhouse glass panels have to be more robust than those used for acrylic sheets.

More importantly however, the "light" advantage of acrylic sheets over glass panels is seen in the fact that acrylic has better light transmission properties than glass. Therefore, acrylic will allow more of the sun's light into a residential greenhouse. Sufficient diffusion of light within the greenhouse area is essential for the healthy growth of crops therein.

Impact Resistance

The use of acrylic sheeting over glass panels for greenhouse construction is also beneficial in the sense that acrylic has a higher impact resistance than glass. Acrylic is said to be up to seventeen times better than glass at resisting the impact of sudden external forces. Better impact resistance means that acrylic sheeting is less likely to suffer physical damage as a result of exposure to sudden impact. As such, acrylic sheets are considered to be more durable than glass panels when used for greenhouse construction.

The greater impact resistance of acrylic sheets also translates to them being a safer building material. Even when acrylic sheets suffer physical damage, they're not likely to shatter and spread debris around the greenhouse. This is a relatively common occurrence with greenhouse glass panels. Shattered glass panels compromise the safety of those who happen to be near the structure at the time of impact and the safety of those who work within the greenhouse area on a regular basis.

If you're considering getting acrylic sheets for your greenhouse, consider contacting perspex suppliers for the acrylic sheeting.