Top Considerations When Hiring A Transportable Building

A transportable or portable building is a building fabricated off-site to be moved and used in another site. The benefits of pre-built buildings over site-built buildings are mainly associated with the time and cost savings made upon completion of the construction project. The list of transportable buildings available on the market is almost endless. However, some building types tend to be more commonly hired than others due to high demand. First, it is important that you make the following important considerations before you can hire a transportable building for your use.

Size of the building

One of the first and most important things you should take into consideration before renting a portable building is its size, as not all buildings are of the same size. You can use industry recommended calculations to determine the right size for your building, though these calculations can be adjusted for different situations. Your transportable building supplier can help you determine the right size for your rental building. Usually, they can provide you with information about how many people each unit can accommodate. From there, you can select a suitable square footage for your building.

Climatic conditions

The climate of the area where your building will be used has a bearing on the choice you will make. This is because transportable buildings are made using a range of materials, which are meant to hold out against weather elements, such as rain, snow and sunlight, differently. Unfortunately, different construction materials have different performance characteristics in changing weather. For example, transportable buildings made of wood are ideal for use in hot climates, thanks to their ability to insulate against solar heat. These buildings may not perform the same way in wet climates because the wood would be exposed to condensation, which can lead to rot.

Size of the doors

The size of the doors is equally important as the size of the building you are renting. This is because you might have a hard time getting things inside the building if the doors are too small. Before choosing and ordering a building, check if you have any large items that may require extra-large doors to ensure their unrestricted passage.


Last but not least, you will need to ponder over the location where you will place your portable structure. Your building should not be located where it will be exposed to inclement elements, such as strong winds and runoff.