Construction Features: Cost Management Factors for Metal Fabrication

When building a new structure, you will need to install numerous metal features for both functional and aesthetic applications. In ideal circumstances, you can purchase the required supplies as ready-made products. However, you might not find all the necessary items from pertinent vendors, especially if you have unique requirements. Therefore, you should consider commissioning metal features from a specialty manufacturer. This option will give you customised products which are perfectly matched to your construction needs. On the other hand, fabrication is considerably expensive compared to purchasing stock products. Here are some considerations to help you manage the total metal fabrication costs.

Metal Feature Design

The general design of your custom metal features will depend on the application after installation. However, the complexity or intricacy of the fabrication can vary widely, particularly for visual aesthetics and personal preferences. Consequently, your choice of design will determine the total cost of the manufacturing process. Simply speaking, a complex design will require more equipment, labour and time to create, resulting in higher charges by the fabricator. You can limit your expenses by selecting simple metal elements for your new building. For the best results, find a good balance between appeal and the expenses.

Material Selection

The material selection during a metal fabrication project is perhaps the most critical factor in terms of cost management. Basically, there are multiple materials with significant purchase price differences in the market which can be used for manufacturing the same building feature. In addition, there are materials which are easier to machine due to their inherent malleability. You can mitigate your construction expenses by extensively evaluating the cost implications of your material choices. For example, if you need a custom structural steel feature, you should compare different options in the category. Stainless steel is an expensive material, so you can choose galvanised steel or plain carbon steel if the metal will be concealed.

Feature Finishing

The finishing process is designed to provide the last surface treatment for the metal feature, usually after fabrication. This layer provides protection to the metal material and enhances the visual appeal of the manufactured product. Some finishing techniques are extensive and intricate and consequently, expensive. You should consider managing the costs by keeping the surface treatment unpretentious. If the metal feature is structural and will be concealed beneath other building materials, then finishing is unnecessary. If the material will be exposed, you should consider simple techniques such as grinding, abrasive blasting and anodising.