PVC strip curtains: Why are they recommended for industrial plants?

In industrial plants such as processing and manufacturing factories, it is essential to maintain cleanliness as well as to keep the noise levels at a minimum. To meet these requirements, using PVC strip curtains, otherwise referred to as PVC strip doors, is a suitable solution.

Below are the benefits of using PVC strip curtains in an industrial facility.

•    Minimizing energy costs

Various sections of an industrial plant require different levels of cooling and heating. For instance, it is necessary to either heat or cool the area where valuable pieces of equipment or goods get kept as well as where workers operate.

PVC strip curtains provide an insulation effect because the air inside the contained area doesn't change in temperature. Thus, you can use the curtains to maintain a cold or warm temperature in a particular area or room. The need to consistently use the facility's air conditioning system will be reduced and so will the energy bills.

•    Reducing noise pollution and airborne contamination throughout the facility

Manufacturing plants tend to be very noisy in some areas, and the sound can spread throughout the plant causing a lot of distraction for the workers. The noise is usually as a result of constantly running machines which have metal parts that are always rubbing and hitting against each other.

Though it is impossible to mute the noises, you can reduce the amount of noise spreading throughout the facility by containing the noise producing area with PVC strip doors/curtains.

In addition to noise reduction, installing PVC stripe curtains also reduces the spread of airborne contaminants such as dust and chemical odors. For odors, the curtains act as a reasonably efficient air containing solution if they get installed correctly, and they can also prevent other contaminants from accessing various areas of the facility.

In both cases, the curtains may also be responsible for improved productivity by the workers because distractions by odors and noises get substantially reduced.

•    Outlining areas and facilitating easy access to sections

Most industrial facilities start off as large undivided rooms that get sub-divided into different sections using walls and doors. However, instead of using walls and doors, PVC strip curtains are good alternatives because the curtains can be placed strategically as the walls of different sections of the facilities.

Additionally, PVC strip doors provide easy access—especially when moving goods from section to section in the facility because they eliminate the need to circumvent walls and open doors.