How to Use Premium Packaging to Win Customer Loyalty

Custom-made packaging boxes are one of the avenues that you can use to delight your customers so that they keep buying from you. This article discusses some items that you should consider including inside the custom-made boxes into which you are packaging a product that has been ordered by a client.

Custom-Printed Tissue Paper

You can take the product-unwrapping experience to a higher level by wrapping the product in custom-printed tissue paper before you place it inside the custom-made box. Such a technique will heighten the sense of mystery that the recipient of that package will experience as he or she opens the box to find out what is inside. Such a person may also reach out to you for gifts in case he or she needs to excite a family member or friend.

A Custom Note

You can add a personal touch to your business by writing a note and placing it inside the custom-made box. The note is likely to create a close bond between your clients and your business because they are likely to be touched by the extra effort that you invested to thank them for doing business with you. You may need to employ several people to write these notes in case your business grows and it is no longer possible for you to write those notes by yourself.


You can use branded stickers to seal the tissue paper referred to earlier. The stickers can also be pasted onto the top of the custom-made box instead of spending money to have company information printed onto the exterior of the box. This clever use of stickers will differentiate your brand from all others because of the way that you have departed from the normal way of packaging products.


Clients may have a lasting positive impression of a business that includes a gift inside the custom-made boxes into which a product has been packaged. You don't have to spend a lot of money on these gifts; something as simple as candy can be a perfect gift to add inside a package. This unexpected bonus will excite the person who receives the package. Such a person may end up talking his or her friends into buying from you instead of buying from a competitor.

As the discussion above shows, you can use many ways to maximise the impact that custom-made boxes and their contents can have on customers as they open those boxes. Consult a custom-packaging expert for helpful tips in case you are unsure about where you should start in order to increase the appeal of your brand.