Buying Guide for Second-Hand Induction Benders

The second-hand market can be a perfect place to purchase induction benders. However, one needs to be extra careful when making the purchase. Thorough machine inspection should be done by a manufacturer, to ensure that every part is working in order.  This guide should help with the most essential tips to observe while making the purchase.

Learn what the bender was designed to do

The three most important factors of any bending machine are geometry, material, and output quantity. If a machine was developed for the production of thin-walled exhaust pipes in mass production, it could not be used in bending of thick-walled high-pressure pipes. In this case, you should seek the manufacturer's expertise in determining the exact purpose of the bender.

Adequate production capacity

When one decides to invest in second-hand induction benders, the reasons are obvious. However, this doesn't limit the fact that one wants a machine that will meet their daily production. If you are involved especially in induction bending process of complex tubes, you need to thoroughly check all the factors that determine the efficiency of the machine. You should also be aware of the worst case scenario that the second-hand machine might become a liability if the quality of components and the machine performance doesn't match your current equipment.

Consult with the manufacturer

Just like buying used car which requires testing, purchasing second-hand induction benders calls for testing. Make a point of consulting the original manufacturer to test whether all the parts of the machine are functioning properly. Before you decide not to make consultation, remember that it is not easy to dismantle such a complex machine to replace the components.

Examine the Documents

Don't assume that the seller is genuine with you while marketing the product. Sometimes you might find that they are in fact exaggerating the capabilities of the machine. Others will paint old machines to make them look new and then sell them at an inflated price. The only way to prove that the induction bender you are about to buy meets your expectations and that it is not too old is going through its documentation papers.

In case the machine has been altered, the only way to restore it to its normal working condition is if the original parts are still available. The only person who can determine which parts of the machine are missing is the original manufacturer. If he decides to recondition the machine, then he will replace all the obsolete parts.