Why Scrapers Are Popular Earthmoving Equipment

In the civil engineering world, the word 'scraper' has a whole different meaning from what most people know. Here, a scraper is not the small handheld tool that is usually used for scraping clean a range of surfaces, such as old paint finish, to tile grout, to kitchen benchtops on which dough has been worked, and so forth. On the contrary, scrapers are heavy machines used in earthmoving and other construction-related applications. While there are other types of earthmovers available on the market, but there are lots of good reasons as to why many construction contractors favour the use of scrapers.

If you too would like to use scrapers for your earthmoving jobs, you should first get yourself familiarised with the benefits they have to offer. 

Versatile applications

There are different types of scrapers for every earthmoving application. Paddle-type scrapers are ideal for use in applications where there are no large rocks in the soil, whereas auger scrapers can handle rocky soil quite well, for example. The superior material appetite of auger scrapers allows machine operators to load and unload earth without damaging the chain and flights.

Aside from coming in a range of different configurations, scrapers are more than just earthmovers. When working as a front-end loader on the return trip, for example, a scraper can be used to smooth out the ground. The operator simply has to lift the apron and move the ejector forward horizontally from the extreme rear position. This leaves the front edges of the bowl open, allowing the operator to level out the site.

High performance level

Today's scrapers are one of the most powerful earthmoving machines there is out there. Some scrapers are built with multiple engines that can work in tandem so as to ensure you get maximum horsepower possible. This results in faster job completion times, especially in large projects that require powerful machines that can get the job done without breaking down.

Ability to remove wet soil

While operators using other types of earthmoving machines may need to wait for the earth to dry up, those using scrapers can get on with the job without delays. The sharp blade of the scraper can easily cut wet material from the site without getting stuck in the ground. The operator just needs to ensure the scraper and the pusher remain in a straight line so as to prevent jackknifing. 

Now that you know some advantages of using scrapers, you should consider hiring them for your next earthmoving job.