Aerial Work Platforms: Critical Performance Considerations for Scissor Lift Selection

The right aerial work platform is essential for construction, maintenance and renovation projects. Basically, this type of device will provide access to at-height areas which would normally be inaccessible for the pertinent work. There are different platform types and designs to consider for your elevated height tasks. One of the most ideal choices for general projects is the scissor lift. As implied, this platform is designed and built through the use of folding supports which are linked to form repeated X patterns or criss-crosses. This provides vertical access only, but the device is strong and reliable. If you decide to hire the scissor lift for your tasks, consider these outlined factors before selection.

Power Options

Scissor lifts require power input to facilitate the operation of the equipment for aerial work. There are three common options that you can select: hydraulic, pneumatic and even mechanical. The suitable choice for your project will depend on your resources and preference. Hydraulic lifts are designed to use fluid in the internal mechanisms to move the pantograph mechanism upwards. The pneumatic alternative requires compressed air to move the work platform.

These two power options are popular because they typically do not require external energy to descend. The release of fluid or air pressure will cause automatic but slow descent. In simple terms, the power choice provides a failsafe in case of malfunction. Mechanical scissor lifts use lead screws for motion or even rack and pinion. The design offers better load bearing capabilities and stable motion, but most of the mechanical designs are not as efficient as alternatives.

Vertical Reach

The maximum vertical reach for different scissor lifts can vary significantly. Therefore, you should consider this aspect when hiring because your choice will dictate the practical functionality of the aerial work platform as well as its general performance. In ideal circumstances, you should measure that the distance between the ground and the height level that you would like to access. Compare the figure with the different vertical sizes of the presented scissor lifts. Remember to take into account the height of the user when identifying the best fit.

Maximum Load Capacity

When working at-height on a scissor lift, the worker or contractor will need to carry some maintenance or construction tools and other materials. The total weight of all the elevated items and the user can be quite significant. Therefore, you should check the weight specifications of the equipment before hire. Ensure that you will be able to perform your projects without violating the weight limits.