Tips for Choosing the Right Mailing Tube for Your Valuables

Sending posters, prints, and other irregularly-shaped documents has never been easy. Thanks to mailing tubes, you can now send these products safely, whichever the destination. Moreover, sending oddly-shaped items in mailing tubes eliminates the need for colossal mailing boxes. It makes mailing tubes a cheaper option because they occupy less space while in transit. That said, your items will only be safe if you choose the right product. This article highlights tips for choosing mailing tubes.

Plastic/Metallic Caps

The first thing you should look at when buying mailing tubes is the type of cap. The covers are made from metal, plastic, or cardboard, and your choice determines the safety of your items. For instance, cardboard caps are not strong and should only be considered when shipping products over short distances. However, if you are sending posters or prints across state borders, you should use mailing tubes with metallic or plastic caps. Due to their structural integrity, plastic or metallic caps prevent a mailing tube from collapsing, offering unrivalled protection to the content. Additionally, the lids must fit tightly to keep out moisture and debris.

Tube Thickness

If you examine different mailing tubes closely, you will notice that they vary in thickness. Tubes made of thin cardboards are light and are mostly used for shipping items that are not susceptible to damage, such as baseball bats. In contrast, standard mailing tubes are made of relatively thick cardboard and provide sufficient protection to items such as posters and blueprints. The thick covering prevents wrinkles. Heavy-duty mailing tubes are considered the best design for shipping highly delicate items such as customised golf clubs. Most importantly, choose a mailing tube based on the level of protection you need.

Tube Shape 

Since thousands of items can be shipped in mailing tubes, selecting the right tube shape can be challenging. Your options revolve around square, round, rectangular, and flat mailing tubes. For example, round mailing tubes are considered the best for shipping posters and prints since they prevent wrinkles and folds. On the other hand, square and rectangular mailing tubes offer more packing space for differently shaped items. Although not common, flat tubes are an excellent option for shipping items such as wallpapers or expensive fabric. If you are not sure which mailing tube shape is the best for your items, post office staff can help you to make the right decision. All you have to do is ask for help.