What Are the Benefits of Installing a Submersible Bore Pump?

When you install a bore pump, your first decision is whether to go for a surface or submersible model. While surface-mounted pumps have their advantages, a submersible pump is often a better all-around bet.

Why should you consider buying a submersible bore pump?

Get Better Pump Pressure

If you mount a pump outside a bore, then the pump has to work harder to get water through its system. It has to go down to push the water up. At times, you'll need to prime the pump to keep it working.

If you install a submersible pump, then all of the pump sits underwater. These pumps don't need to be primed. They also use less energy to pump water because of their position in the ground.

So, the pump gives you better and more consistent water delivery and pressure. It doesn't need to use suction to get the water moving. This is especially useful if you use the pump a lot or need to move water over a distance. The pump has more power and uses less energy to do its job.

Reduce Maintenance and Breakdown Problems

If you install a surface-mounted bore pump, then parts of the pump sit above ground. They are exposed to the elements and are open to damage. As such, their parts might rust if they get wet. This can affect the quality of your water. Also, the pump might break down over time under the stress of regular priming. This means you'll potentially have to spend more time fixing problems over the life of the pump. It might also wear out more quickly due to its high-energy stress usage, at which point you'll need to buy a new model.

However, submersible bore pumps sit safely in the water. None of the parts are above ground. That's because these pumps have a specialist watertight design that protects them from the water, which means they are less likely to rust. Plus, their watertight construction keeps parts enclosed and away from harm.

While you might have to deal with seal problems as a submersible pump gets older, you shouldn't have to spend a lot of time on routine maintenance work. Your pump is designed to look after itself. Plus, the fact that the pump can run more smoothly and easily in its position means that you're less likely to see stress wear and tear. These pumps can last longer than ground alternatives.

To learn more about the benefits of taking a submersible route, contact bore pumps suppliers and ask for their advice on suitable pumps for your needs.