4 Benefits of Powder Coating Your Car’s Wheels Instead of Having them Painted

If you want to apply finish to your car's wheels, it's common to end up trying to decide between paint and powder coating. Both can do the job, but powder coating uses a special application process. Unlike the relatively simple process of painting, powder coating involves the sandblasting and intense cleaning of all wheel components, electrical grounding of each part, and then the use of an electrostatic paint gun to spray on powder with a positive electric charge. Read More 

Deciding the Right Type of Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is not all alike, and sometimes even one small difference in that sheeting can mean failing to protect a project during construction, tools that are stored outside, and the like. When you're ready to shop for plastic sheeting, either for covering your roof while making repairs or for building a new greenhouse in the backyard, note a few tips on how to determine the right type for your needs. Read More 

Why Scrapers Are Popular Earthmoving Equipment

In the civil engineering world, the word 'scraper' has a whole different meaning from what most people know. Here, a scraper is not the small handheld tool that is usually used for scraping clean a range of surfaces, such as old paint finish, to tile grout, to kitchen benchtops on which dough has been worked, and so forth. On the contrary, scrapers are heavy machines used in earthmoving and other construction-related applications. Read More 

Why Most Exporters Favour the Use of Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are widely used in material-handling, packaging and shipping applications within and outside Australia. If you're a new entrant in the business of shipping goods overseas, you might be interested in knowing why these crates are so revered. Here are a number of key perks associated with the use of plastic crates in the export business.  Plastic crates are quite durable Crates used for material-handling and shipping applications need to be built strong so that they can withstand the abuses of normal use. Read More 

What you Need to Know about Water Tanks

You need water reserve for your home. In addition to enabling you to save on water bills, a water tank gives you the confidence that you will always have water even when your main source falls short, or plumbing system is damaged.  In cases where you have plumbing issues, you can fetch water directly from a water tank through a tap.  Here is what you need to know about water tanks. Read More